What I Can Do for You


  • Review architecta��s plans to make sure nothing has been overlooked, may cause future complications, or can be done more smartly, efficiently or cheaply
  • Ensure budget is realistic for the project at hand; look for ways to reduce cost at different stages
  • Managing tenders – writing the tender, sending it to a large pool of reputable professional contractors
  • Assess offers and look for hidden surprises
  • Squeeze contractors for the best price
  • Prepare contractor agreements with lawyers
  • Preparation of payment schedule as per clienta��s needs, not the contractora��s
  • Advice on insurance and other subjects that serve the clienta��s interests



  • Ensuring the architecta��s plans are faithfully executed by the builder and subcontractor
  • High frequency on-site visits and meetings with contractors, craftsmen
  • Coordinating and ensuring on-schedule arrival of materials and subcontractors as per project timeline
  • Regular status reports to client on progress, developments
  • Addressing on-site problems as they occur
  • Letting client know when critical decisions need to be made, helping them make the optimum decisions
  • Constant supervision of work to ensure compliance with standards
  • Checking and confirming contractor invoices before the client pays
  • Seeing the work done until the very end



  • Any necessary final fixes, adjustments after the client has moved into the property
  • Management of any mini spin-off projects