“I did not think that a project manager would prove helpful to us”

We brought Alon on board for a complicated and time-sensitive renovation of our offices.  I was initially against hiring a project manager.  I did not think that the position would prove helpful to us and I was sure that it would only make the process more complicated.

I could not have been more mistaken. Alon proved invaluable to us. He stayed on top of the myriad details and subcontractors that the job required.  He coordinated teams, managed the budget, liaisoned with suppliers and generally juggled multiple balls with grace. He was pleasant, professional and extremely honest.  He helped make the project both successful and – believe it or not – enjoyable. We even managed to complete the entire job on time.

Rebecca Shore, Jerusalem U
Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem  

“We were paying an architect and a contractor – did we need the additional expense of a supervisor on top of everything?”

I asked myself before taking on Alon whether it was worth the additional price to have a supervisor for everything. Because we had an architect we were paying to oversee the project, and we had a contractor who seemed to be very trustworthy, and the question was: did we need an additional person on top of everything?

But in the end, it was a good investment. Even on the level of peace of mind, knowing that I didn’t have to visit the renovation site every day or two to make sure that the work was getting done, because I knew there was somebody else on top of things to see that work was progressing. So it freed me on a regular basis to get on with my daily life.

Specific features that I liked about Alon’s services: Alon seems to be very familiar with the whole process of building and also has useful connections with people in the field, like windows suppliers or companies dealing with sound-proofing. He had at his fingertips a good bank of knowledge of people to recommend. That was a source of very reliable information and recommendations for additional things we had to do.

Also, Alon’s easygoing nature made it easy for communication and understanding our needs while serving as an advocate for us versus other parties. We felt that there was an independent voice representing us that was on top of things.

At the same time, he was consistent in showing us that for our benefit we shouldn’t easily be dissuaded because of some temporarily discomfort, and that things have to be done right.

I would definitely recommend other people who are doing extensive renovation to have a project manager.

Rabbi Carmi Horowitz

“Alon was a great help in bringing all the loose ends together”

Alon was a great help in directing the completion of our new apartment and bringing all the loose ends together. He knows usual and specialized contractors and stands by their work, as would be expected. His English is great and his attitude is pleasant and positive.  During our project he regularly offered us additional help  that we did not expect, such as being present to accept appliance deliveries and repairmen, and troubleshooting nonfunctioning items. All these extras were very helpful, especially to new owners trying to get through an unfamiliar system, in Hebrew, from an ocean away. We would recommend him highly.

New Jersey 

“With Alon we were able to get a feel of what we wanted and make informed choices”

We hired Alon as a project manager when we did construction on our home.

Alon helped us through every stage of the project, from working with the architect to finalizing the design, recommending and interviewing contractors and various other workers, selecting and purchasing materials, overseeing the work, and making sure that our concerns were taken care of. He even went shopping with us a few times to get a feel of what we wanted and help us to make informed choices. He kept us on track with the timeline, informing us of what decisions would need to be made next, and ensuring that the contractor also stayed up to pace. He brought us material samples and suggested stores that would have what we needed – saving time, money and hassle. Beyond the actual work of renovation, he guided us through steps that made the work smoother and our transition easier – including hiring the locksmith to change the keys when all the work was complete. 

Alon was personable, knowledgeable, and always willing to listen. Alon was always available – late at night and Friday afternoons; he came to the site almost every day during construction, and caught some mistakes that our untrained eyes would never have been sensitive to.

Alon helped us find creative solutions to various challenges that arose, and was our advocate with the contractor and strong-minded workmen.

One strength that I found to be particularly helpful was Alon’s ability to negotiate prices. His connections saved us thousands of shekels. He was able to negotiate a better price than we were quoted on almost every purchase (from air conditioning unit to faucet), and just on the contractor, his recommendation saved us a considerable sum.

I happily recommend Alon, and am glad to serve as a reference.

Dr. Naomi Marmon Grumet

“I didn’t think we were gonna make it on time”

Alon did a very good job, I have to tell you. And I would recommend him to anyone who is doing a renovation like I did, because I think he was very much on top of things and he got the workmen and others to do whatever they were supposed to do.

Alon did a great job and was very conscientious, and timely, which we find is a big problem in Israel. We were under stress to finish the renovation on time and I didn’t think we were gonna make it.

I never dealt with a project manager and I wasn’t sure that this project was big enough or complicated enough to require it.

However, the distance issue was really was the clincher: Having a renovation under way in Israel while I lived in New York. 

I know that Alon, being very much a “Yekke”, will see the project through, down to the list of final repairs, which are most likely a pain in the neck to the contractor. I have full confidence that Alon will get everything done, down to the last item on the list.

Just like I called people with apartments before I started my renovation and asked them where they got appliances, furniture and so forth, I now recommend my designer and wonderful architect and project manager.

When I told my friends of Alon, I referred to him as my ears and mouth on the ground. Since we could not be here it was a comfort level that we had someone here that we knew was taking care of things in a timely fashion. That’s the key service to his area of expertise.

 Gladys Neuman 
New York