Why You Need a Project Manager



Because construction and renovation projects can get messy, expensive and stressful. Ask anyone who has tried to manage one on their own.

A project manager is there to supplement the work of the architect and contractor and to make sure nothing falls between the cracks. The project manager also serves as the client’s professional representative.

As a project manager I have the technical knowledge, skills and experience required to plan, execute, manage and troubleshoot your building project from start to finish.


  • Review architect’s plans to make sure nothing has been overlooked
  • Ensure budget is realistic for the project at hand
  • Assisting the clients to make informed decisions that best suit their needs and aspirations for the project
  • Look for ways to reduce cost at different stages
  • Negotiating contractors and other suppliers for the best price
  • Advice on insurance and other subjects that serve the client’s interests


  • Ensuring the architect’s plans are faithfully executed by the builder and subcontractors
  • Coordinating and ensuring on-schedule arrival of materials and subcontractors as per project timeline
  • Regular status reports to client on progress
  • Addressing on-site problems as they occur
  • Constant supervision of work to ensure compliance with plans, building codes, and time schedule


  • Ensuring contractor completes all outstanding work and final repairs to the client’s satisfaction
  • Managing any mini spin-off projects